Big Bam Ski Hill Safety Advisory

Welcome to Big Bam Ski Hill and thank you for your continued efforts to improve our hill to its fullest potential.  While working, training or using our facilities the following safety concerns must be adhered to:

1 – Sign in and out;

all guests must sign in and out so that the caretakers are aware of the current users on the property

2 – Wildlife

Be Bear Aware
Use caution around Moose, Deer and Elk with/without young
Report all encounters to caretaker
Bees, wasps and hornets – carry Epipens if allergic – report large nests

3 – Hill Conditions

Be aware of crevices, wash outs and uneven ground
Report any trees with weak roots or that look like they will fall

4 – Heavy Equipment    

Good communication with operators, Keep Eye Contact when approaching
Do not enter active construction areas

5 – ATV’s – UTV’s

May only be used on property with permission of Big Bam Ski Club and only on designated roads and areas
Must be properly insured
Helmets are to be worn
No Speeding, if you’re kicking up dust you are going too fast!

6 – Working alone

We encourage all users to work in groups of 2 or more but in the case you are working alone please advise caretaker or Big Bam Staff where and how long you will be working

7 – Children/18 and under

Must be accompanied by an adult and are not permitted to operate dangerous machinery without implicit permission from staff and their guardian

Big Bam Ski Hill reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who does not comply with any of the above safety concerns.  Upon signing this document you agree to adhere to these safety concerns and waive Big Bam Ski Hill, its Directors and any other sponsors involved in the hill not responsible for any injuries or property damage that may incur.

Name:______ ___________________________Signature:__________________________________Age:_____________




Phone number:_________________________ Email address:________________________________________________

Date:_______________________________In case of emergency contact:______________________________________

*All guests under age of 18 must have signature of parent/guardian

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